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Sunday, 10 May 2009 15:08

POWER CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT is a leading ISO 9001:2008 certified power electronics company in Bangladesh. POWERCOM have good experiences on industrial AC/DC drives, control and automation. It produces industrial and consumer products mainly Inverter, Converter, Chopper, Rectifier, Cycloconverter, Motor Drives, Power Station Equipment, SCADA, Data Centre, Traffic and Navigation, Obstruction and Aviation Signaling, Vehicles Parking and Controlling, Servo Control Mechanism, PV Electronics, SWEET (Sun, Wind, Efficient Energy, Technology), Emergency Storage System(ESS) With BMS, Deep Cycle  Batteries (NICAD,OPzS, Li- Ion and LifePo4) with BMS and so on. It has rich R&D department to commercialize products according to the need of the customer.

Our major services are:


Industrial Electronics:

1.   Instant Power Supply(TSW,PWM) for home and commercial application

2.   Uninterruptible Power Supply (TSW,PWM)  for home and IT application

3.   Emergency Storage System(ESS) with BMS for elevator and medical application

4.   Emergency Storage System(ESS) with BMS for data centre and GSM

5.   Industrial AVR(Oil emerged, LVDT)

6.   Domestic and commercial AVR

7.   Industrial Battery Charger for Railway, Cement Factory and Substation

8.   Automatic Battery Charger for Solar, Gen-Set and Automotive  battery charging application

9.   Rectifier cum Power Supply for Substation

10. Track Rectifier for Railway

11. Sub-Station equipment and Switchgears with LT/HT Panel

12. Soft Starter and Speed Controller

13. AC/DC Distribution Panel

14. PLC controlled ATS

15. Galvanic Shielded  Isolation Transformer

16. Variable AC/DC source for Testing  and R&D

17. Variable Frequency and Voltage Source For Aircraft

18. Industrial, Commercial and Factory Cable Wiring, Ducting and Lighting


Renewable/PV Electronics:

1.   PWM PV Inverter

2.   Wind Inverter

3.   Micro Grid with Smart Metering

4.   True Sine Wave PV Inverter for Islanding application

5.   Grid Tied PV Inverter

6.   Bidirectional Grid Tied PV Inverter

7.   Integrated Grid Feed Modular Solar System(IGMFSS)

8.   MPPT Solar Charge Controller

9.   PWM Solar Charge Controller

10. Dawn to Dusk Controller for Street Light

11. Solar Panel-mono and poly

12. BIPV

13. Solar Mobile Charger

14. Solar Laptop Charger

15. Solar Charging Station

16. Solar E-bike Charging Station

17. Array Junction Box

18. Combiner Box

19. Hot/Forged Galvanized PV  and Anodized Aluminum structure

20. DC Cable  Ducting and  Management System

21. DC/AC Distribution Board

22. PV DC Isolator

23. Wind Dummy Load

24. DC Surge/Spike and Lighting Arrester

25. DC Circuit Breaker

26. DC Load Breaker

27. MC Connector

28. Solar Switch

29. Solar Cable

30. Battery Connecting Wire

 31. Solar Irrigation Pump


Communication Electronics:

1.   Surge, Spike, Transient  Dip and Sag Protector

2.   Lightning Protector

3.   SMPS Power supply

4.   DC-DC  Converter (12vdc to 48vdc to 12vdc)

5.   Media (Audio/Video) Converter

6.   IP Telephone set

7.   Emergency Storage System (Ni-Cad, Li-Ion, LifePo4 and SAN Batteries )

8.   Data Center Equipment(Raised Tile, Cable Ducting, Safety Equipment and On-Line UPS) Supply and Erection


Healthcare Electronics:

1.   RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

2.   Iron Remover from Drinking Water

3.   Water Softener for Shower and Washing Plant

4.   Ozone Generator for cleaning

5.   Sterilizer Cabinet for Kitchen


Laboratory Electronics:

1.   Micro Controller Kits

2.   Digital/Analog Testing Kits

3.   Logic Kits

4.   Fuzzy Logic Kits

5.   Solar Module Analyzer

6.   Light Simulator

7.   Optical Instrument

8.   DC variable Sources

9.   Variable Rheostat

10. AC variable Sources

11. Dummy Load Machine

12. Discrete Load Machine

13. Measuring instruments


Energy Efficient Electronics:

1.   AC/DC LED Lighting

2.   AC/DC LED Street Light

3.   IP68 Street light  fixture

4.   LED factory down light

5.   LED flood light

6.   LED Grille Light

7.   LED Stud Road Sign

8.   LED Traffic Control and  Signaling


Safety Electronics:

1.   CCTV with HD DVD Recorder

2.   Web Based CCTV

3.   Live Factory Remote Monitoring

4.   GSM auto calling and snapping  for Stealing

5.   Fire Annunciator

6.   Electric Hazards Annunciator

7.   PIR detector

8.   Complex Detector(Smoke, Co, Co2, Toxic etc)

9.   Industrial Fire Extinguisher (Category ABC)

10. Vehicles/CAR  Fire Extinguisher (Category ABC)


Customized Electronics:

1.   Object Counter

2.   IP Clock

3.   Industrial Sequential On-Off Timer/Counter

4.   Photo Switch/Proximity Switch/Inductive Loop Switch

5.   Products as like  Customer's Think






ISO 9001:2008

Products Gallery

  • Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (AVS)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Instant Power Supply (IPS)
  • True On-Line UPS
  • Automatic Battery Charger/Rectifier
  • Automatic Industrial Voltage Stabilizer
  • Network CCTV
  • Shielded Isolation Transformer
  • Electrical Sub Station Equipments