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Welcome to PowerCom

Bangladesh is a very dense-populated country. It has about 160 millions of people. Although its economical growth of last two years was better but per capita power consumption was very poor. Power is very crucial issue of ruling government of Bangladesh. Most of the policy maker thinks that the democracy might be jeopardized behind the unrest power condition of Bangladesh. At present 60% people are harnessing power from grid and rest 40% out of electricity. Absolutely, Bangladesh is a significant energy-starved country. Due to the lack of huge energy security, the energy utility system of Bangladesh is very poor. Meanwhile, Power Line Disturbances (PLD) is a common phenomenon in energy sector. It will inherently exist forever in industrial sector. The business window is exploring everyday behind the potentiality. Local industrial electronics companies are playing important role to combating PLD. Power Control & Management-POWERCOM is a very popular name in industrial arena of Bangladesh. Its commercial inception is in 2004. POWERCOM especially work to convert nasty power to healthy power. It has tremendous technical growths in not only power conversion sector but also power automation. POWERCOM has lot of reputation on AC and DC drives in power electronics sector of Bangladesh. Considering huge global energy crisis and for mitigation of GHG, POWERCOM is still giving effort to renewable energy or 2nd FUEL for the sustainable development of the human being. Not only for renewable sector, is POWERCOM still campaigning to raise awareness of the people of Bangladesh for the conservation of energy or 3rd FUEL/NEGAWATT. It has a well-equipped R & D department to meet engineering compliance of products.

Its Logo signifies the symbol of electronic oscilloscope i.e.; analyzer of power.




LOGO: Physical significance of logo is “POWERCOM DO DIAGNOSIS OF POWER PROPERLY    “


SLOGAN: Your Power Consultant.  


OBJECTIVE: Harnessing clean power from conventional as well as non-conventional sources by engineering adaptation that enrich energy security and bridging power gaps with empowering local jobs.

VISION: To be a recognized leader in engineered interconnects solutions, by employing established and advanced technologies, we deliver value to our customers.

MISSION: We foster an environment where our people rapidly innovate and provide solutions that enable our customers to maximize their product functionality and value.

VALUES: We accomplish our vision and mission through entrepreneurship, collaboration, accountability, action, and integrity for everything we do.

These principles create value for our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we do business.

TYPE OF BUSINESS: Electronics and embedded control system, Automation and Protective devices Design and Manufacturing, Renewable energy based project for sustainable development-Local and Abroad, Consultancy services for renewable project implementation, Trading Company, Agent

OEM /ODM Services Offered and Design Services Offered

PRODUCTS /SERVICES: Photovoltaic or Solar Power System, Power Conditioning Devices such as Uninterruptible Power Supply Off-Line/On-Line, Instant Power Supply, Domestic/Industrial Voltage Stabilizer, Step down transformer, Galvanic Isolation Transformer, Aviation Light, Traffic Signal, Remote Smart Metering, AC-AC 110V Converter, Sub- Station, Sequential Timer, Solar Street Light, Solar Pump, Solar Grid Tied System, Solar Accessories-DC switch, Switch box-Single/Double, Solar-Luminaire and DC LED, AC LED, Solar Charge Controller, MPPT charge controller, Solar Junction Box- Array Junction Box, Sub-Array Junction Box and Main Junction Box, Battery Protection Panel, Solar Photovoltaic Inverter, Industrial Battery Charger, Laboratory Equipment, All kinds of AC & DC drives etc.



MARKETING STRATEGY: Direct Marketing, Mail Marketing and Dealership Marketing

MAIN CUSTOMER: Bank, NGOs, Garments, Textile, Pharmaceuticals and Health Care, IT and GSM Companies.

TECHNICAL GROWTHS: International Standard


ACHIEVEMENTS: POWERCOM achieved ISO: 9001:2008 to increase the effectiveness of QMS





1.   >POWERCOM worked together with world reputed ICON "Intel "Singapore as a power partner

2.   >POWERCOM implemented country largest on-grid solar system together with GmbH, Sri Lanka and Indian company


3.   >POWERCOM worked in KSA's desert area together with AZ-Tech Solution, KSA



ISO 9001:2008

Products Gallery

  • Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (AVS)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Instant Power Supply (IPS)
  • True On-Line UPS
  • Automatic Battery Charger/Rectifier
  • Automatic Industrial Voltage Stabilizer
  • Network CCTV
  • Shielded Isolation Transformer
  • Electrical Sub Station Equipments