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True On-Line UPS PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 May 2009 15:04
PowerCom is now marketing and assembling U S based True On line UPS. Our
observation indicates that blackouts account for less than 5% of power disturbances. The
other 95% consist of surges, noise, sag and brownouts. These events can distrupt proper
operations of sensitive equipment decreasing productivity. Our True regenerative On-line
UPS provides highest level of protection against a broad spectrum of power problems. This
is accomplished through converting the incoming AC utility voltage to a regulated DC
voltage. From this DC voltage a new AC voltage is regenerated providing a clean, regulation
power source to your equipment. So, if your equipment operation is mission-critical, you
need a True-regenerative On-line UPS.
Computer And Computer Based
Sensitive Equipments
Medical Equipments
Laboratory Equipments
Telecommunication Equipments
Other Microprocessor Based Sensitive
Electrical And Electronic Equipments
True Regenerative On-Line Design
On-Line Support (Management With Software
Input Power Factor Correction
Microprocessor Control And Communications
Compact in Size, Light in weight
No Transformer Multi-Tap Switching Relays
LED/LCD Status Display
Status Indication(Dual Compartment)
Two State Battery Alarm
No Break Computer Grade Sine Wave Output
Wide Input Voltage Range
High Efficiency
Over crest Ratio Indicator
Generator Compatibility
Rs. 232 Communications
Site Wiring Fault Indiacator
Upsilon Monitoring Auto-Shutdown Software
Under Windows 2000 Server Optional
Technocal Specifications

ISO 9001:2008

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